Saturday, July 5, 2008

Biting Off WAY More Than I Can Chew

I'm not sure what I have gotten myself into these days, but I'm certain that my blood pressure has been rising steadily over the past few weeks. (Probably not good for a pregnant lady...)

In just about a month and a half, I am returning to my full-time job. I will be about 6 months pregnant, mind you, but I am still returning, because that was my plan, darn it, and I'm sticking to it! (Hello, Type A!) Many of you know that teaching is not a 9-5 gig. My work is about 45 minutes away, so I have to leave my house at 7 am to get there on time. That means I will somehow have to get myself, Charlotte, Gavin, and eventually a new baby ready all before 7 am. (Deep breaths, Amy.) If I even begin thinking about all of the lesson planning, grading, conferencing, and collaborating that I am going to have to do, I will need a paper bag to breathe into. I will be lucky if I see the twins for a couple of hours a day. I wish I didn't have such a crazy commute.

I've also begun taking a graduate course. At this point you are probably thinking that I have lost my marbles, so let me get you up to speed here. When the twins were born, I was just about 14 weeks short of obtaining my Masters in Reading/Reading Specialist Certification. Receiving this Masters will not only move me up the pay scale, but also open some doors for me career-wise. I have three courses left to graduate. I am taking one course right now, over the summer. The final two are thesis writing courses, and I have to take them during the fall semester. Which means I will have to write some sort of thesis. When I am very pregnant. And working full-time. And missing my twin toddlers at home. (Deep breaths, Amy.) With Michael's encouragement, I decided that if I didn't finish the degree now, I would never finish it. So I am muddling through just to get it done.

If that isn't enough, I am getting ready to teach a 2-week Reading and Writing course to first and second graders. I agreed to this before I knew I was pregnant, and before I started taking a grad class. And I'm not a quitter, so I start next week. So now I am busy writing lesson plans on top of all the homework I'm doing for my grad class. (Deep breaths, Amy.)

We are so getting a cleaning lady when I return to work in September.


  1. Amy, you can do this. I know the thoughts of it are some what overwhelming, but once you are into it and on a routine, you should be fine. AND we are here to support you.

  2. Yikes. That's a lot. But Keri is right~in the beginning it might be tough, trying to forge a routine, but then it will work out.
    Hope you're feeling well!

  3. Gedder-done! You can do it, and in the end, it will be o-v-e-r. I started student teaching for school cert (while working) a week after we found out I was pregnant. Nothing like taking state teaching exams with no snack and potty breaks.

    Alas, we are type-a (thanks Dad) and you can get it finished. Thesis should be easier then having to get to a class. Write a bit at a time and it will work out. It would stink to have only a few credits left and never getting back to finish the degree.

    Kiss those babies for me!!!

  4. Just remember that Mom did a heck of a lot with 5 kids under the age of 6, and did it well! So I have no doubt that you will be able to do all this without losing your mind! Love you!

  5. P.S. Audrey is right (all of you girls are so smart) and I would get a cleaning lady now.


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