Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I find this language acquisition thing incredibly fascinating. Watching the twins progress from babbling to being able to follow simple directions to uttering a word or two to being able to communicate some of their needs has been amazing. It's one thing to hear them use words that we have been working on (i.e. more, please, help, bless you) , but it's quite another to hear them say things that they have just picked up along the way. Like when Charlotte slings her purse over her shoulder and exclaims, "Bye Mommy! I miss you Mommy!" Or when I lather Gavin's head with shampoo and he points to his "bubble hat."
Just as cute (but slightly more obnoxious) is when they refer to us as "Amy" and "Michael."

What amazes me most is when they bust out in a song that I didn't even know they knew. Just the other day Gavin started singing Frere Jacques, and he was perfectly on pitch. Charlotte's new favorite is "Rocka," aka Rockabye Baby.

Who knows what the next few months have in store in terms of language acquisition? I can't wait to find out.

I'm off to try to watch the Obama Inauguration. Too bad the twins are too little to know they are witnessing history!

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  1. Last night the girls were singing what they could of Oscar the Grouch's "I love trash". You'll be amazed what the next few months bring.

    And right now they're singing "I love you" to each other instead of napping.....


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