Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter 7 Movie Premiere Party

I have been a Harry Potter fan forever; since the first book was published.  I've never gone as far as waiting in a long line in a Hagrid costume at Barnes and Noble at midnight, but I will admit to trying out a few spells in the privacy of my living room just to see if I might be a witch.  (I was SO hoping I was, so I could go teach at Hogwarts.  No luck.)  I could've totally used the Alohomora spell when Charlotte locked me into Gavin's bedroom.

Lucky for me, I have two students in my class who love HP and a good craft as much as I do.  This week, we held secret lunch meetings and planned a surprise "Harry Potter premiere party" for the rest of the class.  The good news:  the other kids were surprised and delighted.  The bad news:  I totally forgot my camera.  These iPhone shots will have to do.

We used small garden stakes (cut in half, with the point cut off) and paper bags to make little broom pins.  We cut the paper bags into thirds, and then cut a fringe and rolled it up.  Then, we tied black yarn around the paper bag for effect.  I added a dab of hot glue to the stake before putting it into the paper bag, and affixed a pin to the back with hot glue too.

Pretzel rods made great-looking wands.  I actually bought white chocolate morsels to melt and dip the end of the pretzel rod in (I thought it would look more wand-like) but I was too tired last night to follow through.  Sorry, kids!

Jelly Bellies fit the bill for Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans.  Alas, no earwax flavor.

And what's a party without some Butter Beer?

I'm going to admit, I had a teensy bit of trouble letting the kids make the brooms and do the design work with little help from me.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist in that area, but was super-proud of myself that I was able to step back and let the kids create.  And they did a fantastic job, right?  :)

Hope you Muggles are able to get out there and see the movie!  


  1. Your a cool teacher. I think the kids are so lucky to have you!

  2. Ooooo I love this sooo much! And how fantastic was the movie? Loved it!

  3. I swear I left a comment here before!

    My oldest is having a HP party this Saturday. I just dipped my pretzels in chocolate and have to go get the jelly bellys. And I'm making a golden snitch cake (hold me!).


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