Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Goals

I hate New Year's Eve.  I always have.  Everyone in the world views December 31st as a new, fresh, beginning....but I see it as an ending.  I don't know why.  I have tried and tried to change that mentality with no success.

Two years ago at this time, this little guy was born:
We spent the first moments of 2009 alone, getting to know each other in a hospital room.  And I decided that I finally had a reason to like New Year's Eve, at least a little, since I can celebrate his birthday.

I've also never been one to make sincere resolutions for the New Year, particularly because I'm always making goals and resolutions for myself year-round.  But there are definitely a few things I'd like to accomplish in 2011.  Hopefully you'll keep up with me on this blog to see my progress and keep me in check!

Whenever I have a spare moment at home, I find ways to fill it:  laundry, dishes, wiping countertops.  The moments are few that I actually get down on the floor and play "princesses" with Charlotte, or Batman with Gavin, or cars with Nathan.  I need to do more of that.  It became very apparent the other day when I said to Charlotte, "What toy do you want to play with?" and she said, "I want to play with you, Mommy!"  Melted my heart.

I take crappy pictures, and I love and appreciate beautiful ones.  I want to take more of the beautiful ones.  I have a Nikon D60 -- a birthday gift from Michael right before Nathan was born.  I was under the impression that with a good camera, I would take better photos.  I was wrong.  I'm learning, but it's s-l-o-w going.  I practice a lot.  Hopefully you'll see improvement in 2011!  Here's a practice shot from just this morning.

I'm not kidding, we have NO other closets in our entire house other than this one and the bedroom closets.  No linen or storage closets at all.  How we didn't notice that before we bought the house, I'll never know.  Clearly something needs to change here.

Do I even need to go into all the other resolutions?  Eat healthier, exercise more, lose 10 pounds, blah, blah, blah.  We all have to start somewhere.

And what about you, readers? Any resolutions you're willing to share?

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  1. Let us know of any good closet organizers for those kind of things and clothes, I have such clothing issues. Looking forward to seeing your progress and I attempt my own.


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