Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone enjoys a fantastic Halloween!!  It's going to be a bit treacherous for our trick-or-treating tonight, as it snowed about 4 inches here over the weekend.  In October.  In Pennsylvania.  That NEVER happens!

This was the way our backyard looked at the height of our Cousins' Halloween Party:

Needless to say, the bobbing for apples was a no-go.  Since I never get to see my sisters' and sister-in-law's kids on Halloween, I had them all over on Saturday so they could show off their costumes.  It was fun, and kind of hilarious to see our mums and pumpkins covered with snow.  I still can't believe it.
Here are some photos from the party:

My newest niece, Molly.  She was a cute little cat!

My niece, Madison, was a pink poodle.  How adorable is that costume?

My nephew, Nicholas, was "blackmail."  Teen humor!

Gavin as a scary skeleton

My nephew, Joey, is missing his front teeth.  Perfect costume!

My nephew Reese.

My nephew Kevin was a hamburger.  His costume was a little cumbersome!

Nathan as a skeleton, with runny makeup!

Me, as Mary Poppins

Charlotte as Cinderella

More runny makeup!

My nephew, Caden, the dinosaur!

The cutest pink poodle ever!

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  1. love your costumes. i'm seeing a lot of mary poppins this year, probably due to pinterest! i know, can you believe this snow! ruined all sorts of halloween and weekend plans for us.

    happy halloween!


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