Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mother's Day Wishes

Friends, I'll be brutally honest.  If I left my Mother's Day gift up to my husband, it's likely that I would never see a Mother's Day gift.  Or I'd see something like the $15 drug store steam cleaner that he bought me one year.  So I'm not at all subtle when it comes to what I want for Mother's Day, unless you think subtle is saying, "Honey, here's the link, here's a coupon, and here's my credit card."

This year, I'm gunning for this necklace.  My beautiful, stylish friend Heather was wearing it when I saw her a few weeks ago, and I shamelessly coveted it and wanted to call it my own.  I hope Michael picked up on the few (hundred) hints I dropped.

Are you looking for a Mother's Day gift?  Here are a few gifts that this Mom would love to receive.


My favorite is this Totoro one.  I love Totoro.

And if money were no object....

But honestly, the best gifts are the homemade ones.  Am I right?  This one was drawn by Charlotte.  She told me that it's what she's going to look like when she grows up.  That's some long hair, girl.

Happy {almost} Mother's Day!  


  1. Amy, if you get a vintage camper, I promise to make you a pennant banner! xo

  2. Happy Mothers day to you as well, that necklace is perfect gift, I hope she will love it. Thank you for sharing the post with us and keep posting such nice posts


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