Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School, Minus One

Today is the first day of school in my district. It's the first time in 10 years that I haven't been there to greet a new class. I'm feeling a little melancholy. I'm grateful for the opportunity to be home with the babies for a year, but I sure do miss all the newness of the First Day of School. Freshly sharpened pencils, crisp clean handwriting paper, shiny waxed floors, first-day-of-school outfits, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for the year...

Everyone likes to feel irreplacable. When I was little, I used to think that when I was home sick, that school just didn't happen that day. I thought because I wasn't there, no one else was there either. I kind of feel that way now, too. Like, how can there be a school year without me? I'm sure I'll get over it quickly, though, when I hear my colleagues talk about how much work they have to do, all the report card conferences and the planning curriculum to align with state standards. I sure won't miss that part of it.


  1. I always feel a little jealous of the STUDENTS. Sometimes I buy myself a brand-new fresh notebook and a ruler and a pencil sharpener, just for old times' sake.

  2. Just wait til the munchkins leap over all their milestones...sitting up, crawling, first words...


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