Sunday, June 8, 2008

Full Disclosure

When I was trying to get pregnant, and having major fertility issues, many friends and acquaintances offered me well-meaning (read: very annoying) advice.

To wit:
Have you considered adoption?
This one was my absolute favorite. I felt like they were saying: Aren't you ready to give up on yourself yet? Because you know, it's pretty selfish to want your own. There are so many children out there who need a good home.

Maybe if you just RELAX.
Like I could relax myself into ovulating.

Is the problem with you or Michael?
People always needed to place blame. Like it wasn't BOTH of our problems that I couldn't conceive.

I heard if you eat too much soy/chocolate/fat (insert food here) or too little soy/chocolate/fat (insert food here), it affects your fertility.
Maybe I should try drinking a milkshake a day to see if that helps. I think I could swing that.

My sister/friend/cousin/boss's daughter tried for years to get pregnant, and finally adopted (or had IVF). Lo and behold, after that she got pregnant on her own. That could happen to you!
I probably should have paid closer attention to that last one. Baby #3 arrives in December. And no, I'm not kidding. Lord help us all!

P.S. If you are a good friend of mine, and are just finding out this news now, over my blog...I apologize. I've been too shocked/overwhelmed/weepy/nauseous/exhausted to make a big hooplah about it. But call me!


    I am so very happy for all 4 of you!

  2. Let the real games begin. I see a valid reason for having a milk shake a day! In support of you I too will enjoy a lot of ice cream this summer.

    Congrats and keep me posted. And really, do you honestly need sleep?!?!

  3. Congrats! Amy, I am so happy for you! Can't wait to meet the new little baby!

  4. HOLY CRAP! Amy!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

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  6. Congrats, Amy!
    I can SOO relate to your list of advice that should never be given :-O I always said I should get a "top ten answers to your questions" shirt and wear it when we were out and about with the kids.

    BTW, I'm helping a soon-to-be triplet mommy who also has a 10-month old. I'd say given both situations, having the multiples first is more helpful ;-)

    PS. Now you'll need another 'ip' word for your blog about 'hiccup'???

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  8. Wow. I haven't read your blog in awhile...I was really missing BIG news! Congrats! :)


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