Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Naps (Mine and Theirs)

I haven't been blogging much lately for three reasons: First, I am so exhausted that whenever I get some downtime, I'm usually napping. Second, the only thing on my mind lately is how I'm going to deal with three kids under the age of two, and since I wasn't revealing that bit of news until recently, I didn't have much else to write about. And third, the smell of my basement (where my computer is) is enough to make me throw up. It's not a bad smell -- just new carpet and new wood since we recently had it renovated -- but for some reason it doesn't sit right with me. Since we've had our air conditioning on the smell has somewhat dissipated, so hopefully I can be down here more often.

Now on to the question and advice portion of this blog: How did you know when your children were ready to move from two naps to one? I suspect that Charlotte might be ready, because I can hear her in her crib for a while before she puts herself to sleep. (Sometimes she'll babble for close to an hour before falling asleep). But Gavin seems happy with his two daily one-hour naps. I can't imagine putting Charlotte down for one and Gavin down for two. Should I just push Gavin towards one nap and see how he does? They are going to day care in August anyway, where the will be taking one nap.


  1. My cue was the lack of one of the naps; they'd just play and play instead of sleeping. We are desperately trying to move to the one, afternoon nap instead of the morning nap because by 5 pm they're so tired they can barely make it until Daddy gets home. Of course it's hard to keep them occupied all morning long, but we're trying. Get them ready for the one nap a day before August, so that the transition to daycare is a little easier. :)

  2. Since I've been pregnant, I can't stand the smell of wood ~ mom's new cabinets make me run out of her kitchen. And we just got our custom closets done... I can pick out an outfit in 0.3 seconds. Who knew? I'm sure that doesn't help with the nap saga, but I wanted to commisserate (sp?).

  3. you could just try to push him and see how it goes. it wasn't pretty for about four days when i bit the bullet. i would take them out of the house, run errands, etc. they napped on and off in the car but eventually we got in the groove. they still fall asleep for a couple of minutes in the car now but they've been on one afternoon nap (usually 2 hours or sometimes 3 if God is with me) for 6 months. good luck!

  4. I don't really have any nap advice, just wanted to say "hi" and that I have a Gavin too! LOVE that name (obviously!) I like Charlotte too but don't have any girls so... ; )

    I am wondering when to go to one nap also. My son is couple months younger than your twins.


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