Monday, August 18, 2008

I had 120 minutes to myself today, and I barely knew what to do with it.

It was the twins' first day of daycare. It was sort of a "transition" day...they were only there for a short while. I think the transitional time was more for me than for them. Gavin seemed to get the idea right away. He immediately found a toy and began playing. Charlotte hung by my side for a bit, but then she got caught up in all the toys, too. During snack time, my little cherubs sat on chairs (SAT ON CHAIRS! AND DIDN'T TRY TO STAND UP ON THEM!) and ate goldfish. When circle time rolled around, they were hooked. They barely blinked when I left. Gavin did follow me to the door, but there were no tears, from them or from me.

Then I tried to busy myself for two hours. I went to Starbucks and got a caramel coffee. I went to Babies R Us and stocked up on sippy cups, bibs, and feeding supplies. I went to HomeGoods and just browsed. Bliss.

Went I returned, I peeked in to the daycare room door before the twins saw me. Both Charlotte and Gavin were again sitting at the table, playing with wet soapy sponges. Charlotte was trying to share her sponge with the girl sitting next to her. Sharing! Be still my heart!

Tomorrow's another day. I will probably leave them there for a longer stretch, at least through lunch and maybe naptime, too. Next week I go back to work in earnest, so they will be there all day, three days a week. So far, so good!


  1. This is wonderful news! I was thinking about you guys yesterday. May every day be as smooth!!

  2. Toys and snacks, my kinda place. Not that Starbucks isn't...

    I am glad your ducklings did so well on their first day!

  3. Oh I'm glad to hear it went well. I hope you're feeling well!


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