Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Days.

That's the length of time that passed between the moment the twins entered their day care room for the first time to when green stuff started oozing from their noses. The moment I walked them into daycare, I noticed that about 75% of the kids had runny noses. I even commented to the teacher: "Ew. It looks like everyone has a cold." "Yep," she replied. "And Charlotte and Gavin will get it too." She was right.

Even my pediatrician warned me at our last visit. "They are starting daycare soon? We'll be seeing a lot more of you."

This was hard news to take, although I really already knew it. The twins have been relatively illness-free for 18 months. We had a bout of roseola, an earache, and some runny noses, but that's about it. I don't think I'm prepared for more illnesses, especially with a newborn on the way.

I've been making sure they get their vitamins everyday (I've been known to skip a day or two), loading them up and vitamin C, and making sure I have the Purell close by. Somehow I don't think it's enough to overcome a bunch of snotty little kid-germs.


  1. That stinks. Although, it will be so good for them to get it all before starting school. Meg was sick a ton when she was little, and is barely sick now that she's a gradeschooler. Thank god, because the co-pays are a killer!

  2. Hopefully it will just help to make their immune systems stronger! And think about all of the good things they'll get out of it, they will learn how to share, get along with others, and how to become very sociable children!

  3. that is the worst part about school... they get everything! Last year I (we) somehow managed to keep the kids healthy during the fall, the first half of the year and then sometime in Feb, they just all got it and got it bad. You name it, they had it. they easily missed 6-8 days of school each. This is one of those little moments when you realize you can't protect them from everything. ;) Good luck with the up coming school year and HI!!!


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