Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes, I'm Aware of the Whole "Back To Sleep" Campaign

I have been blessed with a 5-week old insomniac. I haven't read a whole lot about newborns, but I've read enough to know that they're supposed to sleep. A lot. Apparently Nathan hasn't read a whole lot about newborns either, because he is awake about as often as Charlotte and Gavin. This leaves me little time to get much of anything done. There are crumbs on my floor, laundry piling up in the hallway, and dishes that need to be put away. (Notice, however, that when I get a free moment I'm here, typing, instead of doing any of those nagging chores. This is not lost on my husband, who reminds me that I'm on the computer too much every time I complain about the house being a mess. I then remind him to shut up.)

I suspect that Nathan has reflux. Gavin had it as well, and Nathan makes all of the same grunting and groaning noises that Gavin did. I think Nathan wants to sleep (his eyes get all red and puffy, and he fusses) but he just doesn't seem to know how to get himself there. Either that, or he's so uncomfortable that he CAN'T sleep.

I've tried swaddling him with his hands up. I've tried swaddling him with his arms down. I've tried rocking. I've tried shushing. I've tried singing. I've tried swinging. I've tried letting him sleep in his carseat. I've tried letting him sleep in his bouncy seat. Nothing seems to be making a significant difference. So I'm about to let you in on a secret. The other day, I actually let him sleep on his belly. Now, before you go calling Children and Youth, you should know that he was supervised. It was during the day on the couch, and I was with him the whole time. But he actually slept for hours! That's hours longer than he usually sleeps!

So fess up, mothers. What's your take on belly sleeping? I know some mothers (who wish to remain anonymous) who have said they did this all the time. My defense is that I have a monitor that comes with a sensor pad. I bought in when the twins were in the NICU and had occasional bouts of apnea. You put the sensor pad under the crib mattress, and if the child stops breathing, alarms go off. Michael and I didn't actually believe it would work, but it does...amazingly well. We "tested" it all the time. So if I put Nathan on his belly once in a while, I feel somewhat reassured that I have the sensor pad.

Anyone else willing to admit that they allow belly-sleeping? Or tell me that I'm crazy and should be reported


  1. one word: zantac.

    we went through the same with abigail, she would only sleep in her bouncy seat and needed to be held upright all the time. started with a little mylanta also and then just the zantac until she was maybe 6 months.

    didn't want to do it but she couldn't nurse, sleep and neither could we. well, john just missed the sleep, not the nursing. he doesn't have the right equipment!

  2. all 4 of my children would only sleep on their tummies! If I tried anything else then they would work and work to get on their bellies

  3. I was fortunate that my kids did sleep on their backs, but I have friends who's children would only sleep on their tummies. Geez, even I slept on my tummy, uh, I mean stomach. I think you have to do what works best, and just monitor him. ANd get to the doctor for the reflux stuff. Ugh.

  4. I know this may sound silly, but I think it's what you feel & what you are comfortable with. Cason, #3 slept on his tummy from the beginning and I/we felt comfortable with it. He also slept through the night by like week 2. Brenna, #4.. I/we didn't feel comfortable with the idea of it her sleeping on her tummy and she was a terror! I'm still not comfortable with her sleeping not in the same room as me! She is going to be 5 soon! Maybe because she is my girl and the last one??? Carter... #2, liked to sleep in his car seat, So thats where he slept... a lot.


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