Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have a thing for books.  I have a thing for vintage.  So you can understand why Friday felt like Christmas for me!

My school library was going to discard a bunch of books that the students hadn't checked out *in years* to make room for some new ones.  The librarian put them in our faculty room to see if anyone wanted them.  Imagine my delight when I spotted these beauties:

I understand why kids haven't checked these out in years. I really do.  Because they are used to shiny.  Modern.  Glossy.  They judge books by their covers.  But so do I.  And to me, these covers are BEEE - YOU- TEE - FUL.  My colleagues had a good laugh at me because I was literally squealing with glee.

This one is my favorite:

Yes, it's a little dirty.  Nothing a little Magic Eraser can't handle.  Isn't it the cutest?

I love this one, too.  I think I may frame it and hang it in Nathan's room.

I think this one may be the perfect bedtime story.  And it's by Charlotte Zolotow, one of my all-time-favorite children's authors:

Modern-day illustrations in children's books are works of art, truly.  But there is something so sweet and charming about these:

The best part, of course, is instilling my love of reading in my children.  It's just a bonus that they also have my great taste in books. :)


  1. love love love it! they are great. and i am jealous.

  2. I love some of the books that I had as a kid, like Rosie's Walk. My kids don't appreciate them NOW, but I hope they will when they're older.
    I love books. LOVE them. Wish my kids would respect them more.

  3. I can never turn down a free book. I always find someway to enjoy them. My favorite are the old Golden Books and cloth-bound hardcovers! Enjoy your goodies!


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