Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Get Planting!

The best place to seek God is in a garden.  You can dig for him there.  
                                George Bernard Shaw

I haven't truly gardened, at least not like I've wanted to, for the past four summers.  This is because I've either been pregnant, nursing, rocking, feeding, or chasing kids for the past four summers.  But this summer, my plan is to get my hands in the dirt and grow something.  Truly, there is nothing that centers me and calms my spirit like growing something beautiful.

Last weekend, my husband and I put together our raised beds.  I'm beginning to plan what I want to plant in them.  I've read a bit about square-foot gardening and hope to try my hand at it this year.  It seems like a sensible and economical use of space.  My major problem is that I live on a wooded lot, and it's not uncommon to see these guys roaming around in our yard:

Along with rabbits, mice, groundhogs, and the occasional fox.  I'm thinking a fence around the beds is in order.  My neighbor actually grows her herbs on her roof.

My mom called me the other day to tell me about this terrific seed company she found called Hudson Valley Seed Library.  The farm and business are run by partners Ken Greene and Doug Muller, who offer locally grown seeds from responsible seed houses.  But the best part is that their seed packs are designed by local artists from the greater New York region.  They are so beautiful, and totally framable.  The packs unfold like a flower and have a pack of seeds inside.  Also, they are printed using green ink on recycled paper.  Here are some of my favorites:

Wouldn't these be a perfect gift for a gardener?  Or a great Mother's Day gift?


  1. Wow! I may have to order some for both beautiful flowers AND for beautiful framed prints. :) I LOVE is my first home love! I have read that gardening is the essence of hope and I like that. Here's to a good growing season!!

  2. This made me smile!!

  3. I love the seed packets!

    We still have snow, so our gardening will have to wait. We're discussing planting seeds to get ready for our veggie garden, but I'm pretty certain the cats would eat them. :)

  4. I'm trying my hand at "gardening in stilettos" on the back deck this year. Rick Bayless swears by the Earthbox so I figured that would help with me growing some basil, mint and other herbs. Let's hope I don't kill everything - gardening is not my specialty *LOL*


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