Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Terrific, Mildly Creepy Greenhouse

This week is my Spring Break, and since my college days of jetting off to Daytona Beach are a thing of the past (this year, anyway), I decided to do the next best thing:  go to an out-of-the-way, off-the-beaten-path greenhouse with my mom and my sister, Katie.

The people there were...interesting.  I'm pretty sure I heard the banjos from Deliverance playing when we pulled in.  I don't think advances in personal hygiene have reached them there yet, either.  But that doesn't matter, because they were super-nice and helpful.

This greenhouse was not for the faint of heart, or the claustrophobic.  There were plants everywhere; the ground, tables, the ceiling.  And the aisles through the greenhouse were so narrow that only one person could fit down at a time.  But the selection and variety was amazing.

And then, to top off my awesome trip to the greenhouse, I made a stop at the doctor's for a check-up.

I may not be 21 anymore, but I still know how to live it up!  


  1. Where is the Mecca? And what did you buy? Helleborus? (and damn you, blogspot, for always freezing up EVERY time I try to post a comment. I swear I would comment more often if not for this fluky glitch.) Deep breath... trying for a third time...

  2. and how come the words "advances" and "heart" are in blue and underlined, and if I roll over them I get an advertisement for Play Pickle?

  3. "Advances" and "heart" are links? Not on my screen. What the heck is Play Pickle? That's really weird.

    It's in Schwenksville....we'll go back. I only bought violets and alysium, because I was too overwhelmed!

  4. Whoa! My version of heaven right there!! I myself have been to some sketchy garden nurseries...my fave is one way out in the middle of nowhere by my parents' lake cabin. If you go and catch the owner, he will TOTALLY cut the prices for you if you buy multiple things. Your pics make me antsy for annual-planting time around here!


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