Sunday, May 29, 2011

DIY:: Teacher's Gift

Need an idea for a teacher's gift?  We made this one last year for the kids' daycare teachers.  It was super-easy, useful, and really well-received!

I bought bottles of Softsoap at the Dollar Tree, and soaked them in the tub overnight to loosen the labels.  I removed the labels the best I could by scraping them with a razor.  I did use Goo Gone for some stubborn spots, but don't leave it on too long!  It eats away at the bottle a little bit, and the bottle looks cloudy instead of clear.

Design your own label, or use this template from Jill Means.  I downloaded the template, but it's in PDF form, so you can't manipulate the font at all or add your own text, so I wound up making my own.  You really could just download it, then print it out and neatly write your child's name on it with a thin marker.  Or better yet, have your child sign it him or herself!  Then, you photocopy or print it onto transparency paper.  Cut it out, and slide it into the bottle.  The soap helps it stick to the front of the bottle so it looks like a label.

Isn't it cute?  And inexpensive.  Gotta love that!


  1. Did you use an inkjet printer or a laser one? And where did you get the transparent paper. Thanks!

  2. So cute! How do you prep your transparency paper after you have applied the ink to keep the ink from dissolving?


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