Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Photo Shoot at the Creek

Hello there, friends.  Summer vacation has officially begun here, although you'd never know it.  Because I'm so used to operating on a tight schedule, it usually takes me quite a while to fully relax and unwind from what is always a hectic school year.  The unwinding and relaxing will probably happen in August, right before I return to school!

A few weeks ago, I decided that I wanted some family photos.  We have never officially had any family photos taken, largely because my children are, ahem, uncooperative in situations that require them to stand still and follow direction.   I enlisted the help of two amazing photographers, Scott and Kristi Morris, who also happen to be family friends.  They own LittleWing Studio Photography. I explained to Kristi that I didn't want a traditional family photo, partly because I knew the kids wouldn't stand for it, but also because I wanted something different and fun.  I've seen many of their wedding photos, which are often candid but stylized, like a magazine shoot.  Exactly what I wanted.

The finished results are amazing, and that's saying a lot, because I hate pictures of myself. (And believe me, I'm still critiquing myself right and left:  My stupid bra strap is showing in some photos.  Why did I wear a short dress?  Should've worn a long one to cover those spider veins. I have old lady hands. My dress is so boring...)  Anyway,  here are some of my favorites.

If you are interesting in getting professional photos taken, and live in the Philadelphia Area, I suggest you contact Littlewing Studio Photography!   They also do amazing wedding photography.  We are so happy with the way these turned out!


  1. Love the photos they are ALL wonderful.

    Have a God Filled Day

  2. I thought my fave was the one of the three sets of boots, then I saw the one of the bridge reflected in the water. They are all great!! This is something we have not done.

  3. I spelled my name wrong, oops!

  4. You have such a lovely family, Amy! Beautiful photography and so fun!

  5. Hi, I found your blog from The DIY Show Off. You have a beautiful family. I absolutely love the dress you are wearing, can you tell me where you bought it?

  6. Hi Sam! Thank you for your sweet comment. The dress is a recent purchase from Ann Taylor Loft. Here's a's on sale!!


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