Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Missing Sock...

The wait is over. It looks like Aunt Sessy really knows her nephew...

By the way, only 5 of you guessed? What about my friends and family who tell me, "I read your blog all the time!"? Time to delurk and comment! :)


  1. Delurk is a blogging term for "stop lurking and reading, and comment!"

  2. I always learn so much for Amy. Legumes, delurk, SAHM, many vocab words, so little time.
    Also, no one can find spelling errors in a menu as quickly as Amy!

    Sarah, thanks for asking what it meant, I was going for the dictionary.

  3. Kelly, you are too funny. I am sitting here cracking up at my computer. The other day at the Acme I noticed a sign by the cash register, and the word "immediately" was misspelled. I bit my tongue for a good 30 seconds, but then I just had to tell the cashier. It's a sickness!(Toulouse Lautrec!)
    By the way, Kelly, weren't we going to start an all-girl-band called The Legumes? What ever happened to that?


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