Thursday, December 13, 2007

What Does Your Christmas Tree Say About You?

Swistle's post about Christmas Tree Toppers got me thinkin' about Christmas trees in general. Everyone has such strong opinions about what constitutes the perfect tree. Colored lights vs. white lights; real tree vs. artificial tree; star tree topper vs. angel tree topper... These are serious decisions, people! Many of you have a tree with a theme. This can be a color theme, as in: "We only decorate with red and gold ornaments," or an ornament theme, as in: "We only use glass balls." (Even as I typed that, it sounded dirty. Stop snickering.)

One of my sisters decorates her tree with snowmen. Okay, one or two other ornaments may have snuck in there undetected, but for the most part, it's snowmen as far as the eye can see. Another sister's tree has a "Robot Theme." I have yet to see it, but from what I understand, it's decorated with white lights and robot ornaments. (You are probably asking the same question I asked: Where would one purchase an assortment of robot ornaments? Why, Old Navy, of course. Who knew?) When I think about those sisters and their respective personalities, those trees happen to suit them perfectly.

So what does my tree say about me? Observe:
I have lots of things around the house that say "Believe," including ornaments. These things spoke to me during my days of infertility, I think, because it reminded me to remain hopeful:

I'm also a fairly patriotic person, and I love the Fourth of July, which would explain these beauties:

So what's this one doing on my decidedly American tree? (I received it from a student who visited Canada and thought of me. Adorable!)

Which brings me to the, um, lovely ornaments from students....and there are many....

And I have some Noah's Ark ornaments, which I find quite amusing. I had a thing for Noah's Ark ornaments long before I had twins. A sign, the whole two-by-two thing, don't you think?

And then there was the year I tried to go all vintage (or reproduction vintage)....

And the year I tried to go all rustic...

And then there are some ornaments that are just plain puzzling, like "The Green Pickle" and the one I like to call "The Double-Eyed Cowboy":

So, in summary, what does my tree say about me? That I'm a patriotic-teachery-strangely telepathic-vintage-rustic-pickle loving (again, sounds dirty)-cowgirl? Or perhaps it just says that I'm eclectic. Yeah, we'll say that. Eclectic. At any rate, I think it turned out just beautifully; the perfect Christmas tree. And it personifies me to a T.


  1. Hi Amy! I loved this Christmas Tree post! Soon your tree will be the "I am a mother of two" theme and it will be overtaken by home made ornaments, disney characters and Cheerios on a string! It doesn't get much better then that! -Love you Laura

  2. Great looking tree! I can't wait to see it in person.
    p.s.- way to support your local dairy!


  3. Your tree reminds me of mine. I can see my stages: the year I thought it would be fun to buy handcrafty stuff, the year I got mad about having so many boys and bought a lot of girly pink stuff, the year I bought all sparkly stuff because William went CRAZY for it.


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