Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Change of Plans

I was just logging on to blog about how tired I am. Physically tired, that is, because I have been wrangling babies-on-the-move today. But then I read Betty's post about car seats, and now I feel compelled to talk to ya'll about that.

The babies will be a year old in two weeks, and they are both over 20 pounds. For about six months now, Michael and I have been dreaming about the day we will be able to turn their car seats around. Our conversations go something like this:

Me: Poor babies. Can't even see where they are going.

Michael: They are so crammed back there. I can't wait to turn them around.

Me: Me too. They will have a whole new outlook on life! (crossing fingers) Maybe they will love car rides, then!

Michael: What are the requirements again? They have to, like, be able to hold their heads up and smile?

Me: Something like that.

But then I read Betty's post, and I learn that there's some sort of heated debate about when it's appropriate to turn the car seats around. I don't want to Google it, because I tend to get caught up in stuff like that. So what's the deal? Do I turn them around, or not?


  1. Hi Amy!
    Its supposed to be 1 year AND 20 pounds but now people are suggesting that you continue to keep them rear facing till they hit the weight limit of the seat. I turned Jackson around right at one year (he was over 20 pounds) because he had started a super-fun phase of SCREAMing every time he was in the car. Poor Jon had to drive him to and from work (55 min. ride) 3 days a week (his mother would meet him there and pick Jackson up to watch him for the day) and it was TORTURE for him to drive a screaming baby that whole way. So we turned him around thinking exactly what you said, maybe this will help and he'll finally like the car. And it DID! So we were ultimately happy that we turned him around when we did. I don't know if it was the safest thing but it helped us keep our sanity. ;) Does that help? Not much, huh?

  2. Hi Kara,
    That helps immensely. They don't scream, but they also don't love it. The weight limit of our seat is 60 pounds...they'd be like 7! They would never fit!

    I think it may be more my issue, too. I look at them back there, staring out at the world going by backwards, and wonder how they don't get car sick.

  3. I think you will know when it is right. Are you tired of hearing that? About a month after Cason was born, we knew he could sleep on his stomach, but not Brenna, I just knew we had to keep her on her back or side. I felt so strongly about it.
    For PA it says, children between the ages of 4 and 8, or weighing under 80 lbs, should sit in a booster seat.
    Brenna will be 4 tomorrow and she is in a car seat and I have no intention of taking her out of it. =)
    My 13 year old doesn't even weigh 80 lbs yet!
    Anyway, that is all I can offer you, you will know when. sorry. =)

  4. oh i'm so sorry i did this to you! damn internet! ;)


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