Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{DIY} Hanging the Oars

After months of searching, we finally found a pair of inexpensive vintage oars we liked for Gavin's room.  I painted and distressed them to make them look "loved," and they fit in perfectly with Gavin's summer-camp-inspired bedroom.  (Which I'm hoping to finish and show you soon!)  You can read about painting the oars here.
Oliver approves of my work on the oars.

The trouble came in when we were getting ready to hang them.  The handle of the oar laid flat against the wall, but the paddle did not.  Being new at this DIY thing, we couldn't decide what would work best to hang them...screws?  hooks?  We weren't sure.  So we packed the entire family into the car and headed to Lowes.  (Which is a whole different post.  Two preschoolers and a toddler in a home-improvement store?  Good Lord, I must be crazy.)  We decided that the best way to hang them would be to screw big hooks into the wall and rest the paddles on them, but I wasn't entirely sold on that idea.  And then, Michael had a moment of clarity:  VELCRO.  Perfect!

So I stuck industrial velcro onto the backs of the paddles:

And stuck them to the wall:
It was super-easy, super-cheap, and the best part:  no drilling.  The Velcro created a strong enough bond that I'm not worried about them falling down.  Isn't my husband smart?  :)

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  1. Just wondered if the velcro worked long term? Thinking about doing this also... thanks!


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