Thursday, January 20, 2011

Coffee Tables, Curtains, and DIY

A few weeks ago, I told you about our new couch for the family room.  Since we got a new couch, we had to get new curtains.  And now that we have new curtains,  I need a new paint color.  See where this is going?  *sigh* We also don't have a coffee table.  Coffee tables didn't exactly seem like a safe option when we had three little kids learning to walk.  It's also a tough decision because I want something pretty, but durable.  And it would be a bonus if I didn't have to clean it every day.

If price wasn't an option, and my family room was fancy, and I didn't have three little kids with thirty dirty fingerprints, I'd go with one of these:

(L to R):  Horchow Brass Coffee Table,  Nate Berkus Bamboo-Style Coffee Table, CB2 Smart Glass Top Coffee Table

Also, I think this lucite table is perfect.  Blends right into the room:
Pure Style Home
But after much deliberation, I think an upholstered coffee table is the way to go. No glass to break, no sharp corner to bump your head on.  I spotted this one on Apartment Therapy, and recognized the Kelly Wearstler fabric immediately.  I recently bought a sample of it, thinking it might look nice as curtains.
Apartment Therapy

Here's my (dark) photo trying it out as curtains:

Now, let me back up a little and tell you this fabric.  It is not cheap.  Not cheap at all.  My plan was to make a stencil out of the sample piece, and use fabric paint to stencil the design right on the curtain.  I'm still considering it, but I'm actually thinking the pattern might be a bit much on the curtains.  We have 4 panels in the room....that's a lot of Imperial Trellis.

But now that I see that upholstered coffee table, I'm dreaming up a new scheme.  Think an upholstered, stenciled coffee table would be a difficult DIY project?  Stay tuned.

Also, keep an eye out for my first-ever blog giveaway early next week! It's a good one!


  1. I really like that print! I did see a graphic print like that at the fabric store recently (JoANN) and it was a Waverly print...I think they had it in different colors. Not exactly the same, but maybe a more affordable alternative? Here it is online:

    I love this print as well, but I think it overwhelmed my husband!


  2. Great tip, Jennifer! You're right, that is a great print!

    I agree, probably too overwhelming on curtains. I think an upholstered coffee table might be the way to go!


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