Friday, January 7, 2011

My Favorite Daily Planner

You all know about my dislike of the New Year and its celebrations.

But you know what my favorite part about the New Year is?  Getting a brand-new Daily Planner! I get one every year for my birthday or Christmas, and I'm giddy.  Giddy!  All of those blank pages, just waiting for pencil marks! Can you stand it!?!?

My go-to planner for the past few years has been the Vera Bradley agenda.  Nevermind that it's pretty.  It's so functional!

Each month is separated by tabs.  Technically, you could remove the months that have already passed.  But why would you?

Each agenda comes with favorite part.  There aren't as many stickers this year as in years passed, so I'm going to have to be very selective about the ones I choose.  A meeting at work?  Probably not monumental enough to deserve a sticker.  A spa weekend with the girls?  Sticker-it-up!

I love the little address book at the back.  At the top it says:  "People I Can't Live Without."  Okay, so I don't have anyone in there yet, but there are MANY people I can't live without!

There's even a tiny little portable address book included in the back, as well as pockets where you can stuff receipts, appointment reminders, whatever.

I'll take a photo in December so you can see how much use I get out of this little guy.  And the best part -- they are now on sale for $15 at the Vera Bradley website.  Go get yourself one!


  1. That is beautiful :-)

    My husband bought me a quite expensive Filofax a couple years back, and I probably used it until half way through February. I love the idea of having a planner, but unfortunately I either just don't seem to have all that much use for them, or forget to use them. Or a combination of both!

    Take Care,

  2. I recently checked out the VB webiste and found they were on sale for $15, but I couldn't stomach the $8 shipping charge. I bought a (cute) $7 number from Target instead, but alas, no stickers...


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