Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Was a Great Mom Before I Had Kids!

Before I Had Kids: "Michael, can you believe we are sitting here, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, and there are kids over there playing their handheld gaming systems?  Seriously, parents need to teach their children how to behave in restaurants.  They should learn how to hold polite conversations, not bury their noses in video games."

After I Had Kids:  "Charlotte!  Gavin!  Nathan!  Mommy and Daddy want to go get some breakfast.  Where are your Mobigos?  Let's pack them.  Nathan, let's bring your Tag Reader!  Gav, should we bring your Superheroes?  Something to color?  How about the portable DVD player?  Mommy and Daddy want to eat in peace."

Before I Had Kids:  "Seriously.  Is it necessary to have a DVD player in your car?  Don't the kids watch enough TV at home?  That's what's wrong with America.  Kids should learn how to hold polite conversations, not be placated with yet another viewing of Shrek."

After I Had Kids:  "Kids, I know we're just going a mile down the road, but what would you rather watch?  The Wiggles, or Cars?  You'll only get to see the opening scene, but at least it's something!"

Before I Had Kids:  "My children will always eat balanced meals.  Fruits, veggies, and a whole grain at every sitting.  I mean, if I don't keep any junk in the house, then they can't eat it, right?"

After I Had Kids:  "Do you guys want Lucky Charms or Trix for breakfast?"

I have learned to eat some serious crow over the past few years!  It's so much more difficult than I thought it would be, but also so much more rewarding.

And how about you?  Have you changed your tune about any of your parenting edicts?


  1. I too am guilty of all of the above! Cookies for breakfast!

  2. Oh definitely! It's always easier to comment before you are facing those same issues, isn't it? :)

  3. Before: I know having a dog and a cat isn't exactly like having kids, but I think it's pretty close. You have to feed them and keep them from jumping on the couch.

    After: Does anyone know if the dogs have been fed since yesterday or not? And the cats...ever?

  4. great observation - that is sooooo true !


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