Saturday, May 26, 2007

Calling all Mothers...

I'm curious to know if any mothers out there could sense what their childrens' personalities would be like while they were infants. Let me explain. Gavin ALWAYS has his hands clasped in tight fists. I mean tight. It's difficult to pry his hands open. When he is eating, his body is completely tense. Again, his hands are in tight fists, and his entire body is completely rigid. If he is nursing, he holds on to whatever he can. (Usually he has some piece of my bra in one fist, and my skin in the other fist). I've joked with my family that Gavin is all-business when he eats; he's a serious nurser. I like to call him "the tax attorney" of breastfeeding. What I'm wondering is this: because he seems like such an intense little person right now, does that mean he is going to be an intense adult? I should add that I am completely in love with Gavin...I wouldn't change anything about him, nor would I want to change his personality when he is older. I would just like to know if there is any correlation between behaviors displayed in infancy and behaviors displayed later. Comments, please.

Just incase you were wondering, Charlotte is the complete opposite. She falls asleep every time she nurses, only to wake up screaming 20 minutes later because I had the audacity to put her down.

Have a look at these pictures. You'll see what I mean about Gavin.


  1. I can't comment about babies to older kids with personalities, but in utero Fiona was always calmer and she still is just a cuddler whereas James was a kicker and he is still a baby on the go.

  2. That was such a suspenseful thing for me - waiting to see how much of the infant personality carried forward into kid-hood. Some things, like colicky crying, are just infancy, plain and simple, but I think intensity, like what you're describing in Gavin, is indicative of his real personality. My son was an intense infant, and he's intense now - and my daughter was a much more obviously affectionate, sociable infant, and I see that in her still.

  3. Many congratulations on your beautiful babies. I can never resist saying that it gets SO much easier and SO much more fun. As far as personality, I can think back to the womb and recognize the early signs of their personalities! On the other hand, there's this constant interplay between developmental stuff and temperment, and it's confusing for all parents to sort it out at times. That gets easier too, because you can tell the difference better as they get older. My boys are very different, and always have been. Not opposites (which everyone will try to make your twins into if they can't make them identical), just different.


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