Thursday, May 31, 2007

Developmental Milestones

Gavin rolled over yesterday....5 times in a row! It's our first developmental milestone. My husband was trying to get him to roll, and I was busy explaining why it was just too early for Gavin to roll over, seeing as it's technically only 3 weeks past his due date, when he threw his head to the right and his body followed. "It's a fluke," I said. "Beginner's luck." Gavin proceeded to roll over 4 more times, and then twice more when my parents came over. I hate it when I'm wrong.

Addendum: I think Charlotte might have smiled today, too. It was as she was looking at the ceiling fan, which was not turned on. Yes, she thinks the motionless ceiling fan is more entertaining than me.


  1. Don't take the ceiling fan thing personal. ;) It happens to us all. AND can I warn you now? Don't buy toys. Yes, pots and pans will work. Boxes too. The strap on a purse and empty water bottles will do. In just a few short months that will keep them entertained for hours!
    Amy, I wish I could say I know how you feel about lack of sleep. I only had one at a time and I thought I had no sleep! It will come soon, you hang in there.
    I need to come say hi before all my kids are out of school!

  2. Or....when they get older and you get excited because you have just bought them THE BEST toy and all they want to play with is McDonald toys ;( bummer!


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