Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Measuring Growth

I grew up in an old, beautiful farmhouse.  I loved it.  I felt like I discovered something new there everyday. My parents still live there, and we're still discovering!

One thing that my sisters and I were (and are) obsessed with is this small, skinny closet door in my parents' bedroom.  It opens to a small linen closet.  On the inside of the door are marks, dates, and names measuring growth.

Of course, I wonder who all of those people were.  There are SO many names.  Is it a mish-mash of lots of previous owners?  Or is it one extended family, who would line up there, maybe on Christmas when they gathered together?  A mystery.

I've always wanted to do something similar, but didn't want to mark up a door or wall in my house.  But then I figured, who cares?  Charlotte doesn't.

So I started last August, much to Michael's chagrin.  He likes things just so, and didn't appreciate that I did this to the pantry.  But he's grown to love it too, even though he'd never admit it.

They love to see how much they've grown, and so do I.  And now I'm off to clean my pantry door, now that I have evidence as to how dirty it is.


  1. We do this too! Except on a beam in our basement. It's pretty incredible to see the growth. We typically measure the boys when one of them out grows their pants- high waters. Logan likes to be measured after a good meal, especially if we stressed eating healthy (to get him to eat). Don't clean your pantry door too much, it'll lighten the measurements ;)

  2. we have one in the bathroom that john is in charge of. and i still remember the one right inside my grandparents basement door. i also remember that closet at your house :)

  3. jim and i did this at the house on dickerson... it broke my heart with the thought of leaving it behind, so i took a piece of molding that wasn't being used and copied the marks... now that skinny piece of molding hangs out in our closet and we mark the kids every nov & may. I'm glad you marked up your pantry! it's so fun for the kids.

  4. I haven't looked in that closet in so long! I have to look next time I am at M&D's! I'll have to do that with Kevin too.

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog looking for some decorating inspiration for my home. Love this post about the growth wall. My husbands family did this and so glad that we started it with our own kids. We measure them every year on their birthday and do those kids Grow!!! It's so fun to compare not only their growth from year to year but also we was taller at each age.


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