Monday, January 21, 2008

photo opportunity

As a Christmas present for my parents, my sister and I decided to go to one of those fancy-schmancy kids' portrait studios to have our children's photo taken. Despite the fact that the kids ages were 10, 2, 9 months, and 9 months, the photo shoot went surprisingly well and the pictures turned out nicely. But those photos cost exactly one arm, one leg, and maybe even another arm thrown in there for good measure. Which is why I've been more than a little selective about who gets one of the 8 wallet-size photos that I bought.

On Saturday night, Michael and I went out to dinner at a local Italian restaurant. This is a place that we used to go to often before the twins arrived. (We have only been out to dinner alone TWICE since they were born, and both times we went to this place.) We are somewhat friendly with the waitress there, so when we walked in, she smiled and asked, "How are the babies?" "Great!" I replied. "I have a picture!"** I pulled my wallet-sized photo out and showed her. "I have to go show my mom!" she said, and ran back to the kitchen where her mom and dad were both cooking.

That was the last I saw of that photo. I guess she must've thought I was giving it to her. I had a hard time enjoying myself through the entire meal, because I kept wondering: Is she going to give it back? Did she forget that she has it in her pocket? Should I ask for it? Is that rude? How many more do I have at two?

I hate situations like that...I never want to make the other person uncomfortable, so I don't say anything at all. We don't really know this waitress well, so I can't imagine she's going to put the photo in her wallet or go home and hang it on her wall. I'm quite sure it will wind up in the trash. Ah, well. At least the salmon was delicious.

* I've replayed this over and over in my head. I think I said, "I have a picture." Perhaps I should have said, "Let me show you a picture?" or "Look at my picture?"

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  1. Very strange about the photo! Perhaps she just got so busy she forgot?

    Saw your comment over at Jane's. My kiddos started crawling at 10 & 11 months, and now at 16 months, 1 is walking and the other not (only if you hold her hand). We figure we are lucky in that it gave us a bit more time for babyproofing etc. And we got to feel like they were our babies for a bit longer!


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