Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who Says Romance is Dead?

Michael and I went out to dinner last week, alone, for only the second time since the babies were born last March. Sad, I know. As we were eating and talking, I realized that the bulk of our conversation was solely about the babies. When we thought they would finally crawl, why Gavin's diaper keeps leaking night after night, how we're going to swing daycare for two when I go back to work in September, what the theme should be at their first birthday party--you get the idea. I began wondering: "Who are these two? What has become of us? I remember the day when we would stay out on weekends until 2 am, and now I'm happiest if I'm in bed by 9! And we would discuss all manner of things without the slightest mention of diapers or sippy cups!"

So on Saturday night I finally took the advice of the countless parenting magazines and websites I've read. I decided we needed a "date night" at home after the babies went to bed. First, I should let you know that the babies decided not to cooperate. I think they knew something was up...they have a little baby-sixth-sense that way. I wanted to at least get out of my sweatpants and maybe even put on a little mascara for our date, but by the time we finally got the babies to sleep, our dinner was practically cold. I decided just to wear my pearls, which looked very stylish with my sweats and all...but that was really all I had time for. Michael thought that was pretty funny.

Anyway, we used our china for the first time in our entire marriage, and drank champagne. (Sidebar: Does anyone actually ever use their china? I'm going to make an effort to use it once a month). We dined on lemon-butter tilapia, sesame-roasted asparagus, and rice pilaf (I'm not ashamed to tell you that the rice was out of a box). We decided not to talk about babies, which frankly, left very little to talk about. Which is why this date night was so important; I think we need to reconnect on other levels.

Afterwards, in keeping with the theme, we decided to rent a movie. Our choice was The Bourne Supremecy, and I'm sorry to tell you that we both fell asleep halfway through. What exciting lives we lead.


  1. Amy, that is so sweet. Jim tried that once and I laughed at the idea. I think I ruined him forever. I don't know if we would have anything to talk about if it weren't for kids and work. Oh and tv. ;)
    I would love to seena picture of sweats and pearls.
    I don't even have China.

  2. Next time you need a date night, let me know. Cyrus and I would love to watch the babies for a while!

  3. Sarah...I do still want to see Juno, so I'll take you up on that! I know Cyrus would love to spend time with his babies, and listen to Charlotte practice for her recital on her pink piano!


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