Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Are These Twins, and What Have You Done With Mine?

Things in the Tulip and Turnip Household have changed dramatically in the last two days. First of all, Gavin took three excellent naps yesterday. He hasn't done that, ever. And lest you think that those naps gave me some respite, a break from the daily grind, a chance to sit down and enjoy the latest issue of Country Living whilst sipping a cup of coffee...think again. Because yesterday was the day that Charlotte, who has been a fair napper all along, decided NOT. TO. NAP. She's up to those tricks again today...I just put them down for their morning nap and she's been hollering for a good twenty minutes.

Gavin has also recently decided that his most favorite thing to do is dance in the kitchen with Mommy while listening to the iPod, preferably to Amos Lee's "Sweet Pea." It's actually pretty cute...he gets all excited and starts swaying to the music and kicking his legs as I twirl him around. But when the song ends, he wails. And continues wailing until we start over again. I'm pretty certain he is wondering where Amos Lee actually is, because he stares at the iPod so intently as we dance, as if he is certain that the man is going to appear, guitar in hand, and start strumming away in a private concert, just for us. He has also recently discovered that he can insert his fingers and arms into our toys that have holes. He got his arm stuck in a dump truck yesterday. And the biting, that's another story. I have teeth marks all over my shoulders.

Other than deciding not to nap, Charlotte has picked up a few tricks too. I think she's only just decided that she likes me. She has never been a particularly clingy baby, but lately she wants to be held often. And when I'm holding her, from time to time she will open her mouth as wide as it will go and attempt to suck/lick my cheek or mouth. I'm not sure if this is a baby-kiss or something to do with the fact that she's teething, but either way, it's pretty darn cute. She's been signing "all done" too, but it's never when we finish a meal as I had planned. It's when she's in the Exersaucer, or having tummy time, or at other times when it doesn't really make sense. (You could argue that she's telling me she's all done with the Exersaucer or tummy time, but I think she's really just interested in the movement of her hands.)

Anyway, I was going back and forth about signing them up for Kindermusik, but since Gavin seems so obsessed with dancing/Amos Lee, and since Charlotte has been preoccupied with her hand movements, I'm reconsidering. I might have two little musicians on my hands.

P.S. Charlotte did eventually stop hollering. I don't want you to think I typed this post while Charlotte screamed in her crib! But now I hear Gavin....

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