Sunday, April 13, 2008

Biting the Bullet

I finally did it. I took Gavin for his first haircut. So, purely by default, Charlotte received her first haircut too, even though she didn't need one as badly. It was, of course, exciting. But a little sad, too. Gavin had these wispy baby curls in the back that have been there since his birth, literally. It was kind of difficult to watch the stylist cut them off. And now he just looks so much like, well, a big boy.

For the longest time, I just wanted the babies to grow. They were so tiny, and it was so difficult, and I kept thinking, "If only they were a little bit older, this mothering thing would be so much easier." And now I find myself wanting the opposite. My babies are becoming toddlers! When did that happen?

Back to the haircuts: I've been trying to train Charlotte's hair to sweep to the side with a barrette, because I wasn't too sure about the bang thing with her since she doesn't have a whole lot of hair to start with. But her hair just wasn't sweeping to the side like I had imagined (where is Suri Cruise's stylist when you need her?) so her hair kept getting in her eyes. I was also concerned that she was going to wind up eating her barette since she continuously pulled it out. (I caught the girl eating leaves yesterday; I'm sure a barrette would have been no sweat.) So I decided we should just go with some "starter bangs" and take it from there. However, the stylist's English was questionable, and she wound up giving Charlotte a trim much like Gavin's, and her bangs wound up WAY too short.

But whatever. The first haircut is out of the way. The trimmings are safely in the baby books. Hair grows. That's the important part, right?

Gavin, with his new business-man haircut. "Hold my calls!"

Charlotte, rocking super-cute bangs. I wish the stylist would have stopped here...

Bye-bye, cute bangs. This is what we now refer to as Bang Massacre 2008.


  1. I love the first haircuts! And the hair grows SO MUCH FASTER once it gets that first trim. :)

  2. Bang Massacre 2008? Amy, please don't ever stop blogging! I laughed out loud at that one! And the babies look adorable with their new cuts!!

  3. i had to cut my daughter's bangs for the same reasons you described. no barrettes. she won't keep them in. i cut the bangs (sniff) myself and i constantly live in fear of giving her "dumb and dumber" bangs. the trick is not to pull the hair down when you cut it. it will end up two inches shorter than you thought. maybe this is what charlotte's hairdresser did? ;)


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