Friday, April 4, 2008


I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for my younger days recently. I'm not sure why; it seems that springtime always triggers this feeling for me. Maybe because it's prom season, or the anticipation of summer that is still very real to me because of my profession. Whatever the reason, it hits me hard at this time of year, and the bittersweet sensation of the passage of time blooms right along with the daffodils.

I got to revel in the feeling a bit this morning when I saw that the band that was such an integral part of my formative years is reuniting and putting out a new album. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that my heart fluttered just a little.

Sad, no?


  1. Nah, not sad at all. Anything that brings a smile to our faces is good.

    I got that way last night when my babysitter told me she will indeed be attending the college I attended. Didn't bring me as far back as high school, but it brought me back to some of the nicest times in my life. Times I do truly miss.

    Saw your comment on Swistle's post. Sorry about the coffee. That is a total drag.

  2. Ok, you can't feel old because I am almost exactly 6 months older then you! Oh, I saw NKTB on tv this morning and totally thought about high school. It was long, long ago but such fun. Hanging around the pool, those dances and passing notes in the hall...I need a minute...

  3. lol....I think I have a picture of me and danny somewhere.... there are a few videos up on youetube with nkotb during the new years eve party and you can see me and you.
    I had a dream about you last knight. You let JIma dn me watch the twins and I was so excited. ( I am so baby hungry, it's not funny)
    Did you eve find out about Dana's baby??


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