Monday, April 7, 2008

Ms. Whiny

It's funny how, even at 13 months, the twins have these personalities that are pretty consistent from day to day. Except when he's not feeling well, Gavin is generally laid-back and happy. He has his moments, but he is such a smily, good-natured baby.

Charlotte has her happy moments, too, but these usually occur when someone is holding her and directing the activity at hand. She is happiest when someone is reading her a book, or showing her how to play with a toy, or otherwise holding her attention. But when she's left to her own devices, she has this mischevious streak--and I believe we have only seen the beginning.

One of her favorite activities is throwing all of my folded clothes out of the laundry basket. Actually, she throws just about anything in front of her; blocks, toy cars, books, cat food, the phone... Lately she's been throwing her food off of her high chair tray, and throwing her sippy cups as well. She's also a big fan of stealing Gavin's pacifier or cup away from him, waiting until he cries, and then immediately looking at me because she knows I'll intervene.

And have I mentioned the screaming? She's discovered her voice, and that raising it gets her some attention. It's more of an aggravated whine/grunt, and it's usually when she's not being directly engaged (or when Gavin decides to push her away from the activity table).

In her defense, she's getting over a pretty nasty double ear infection and a cold. And before that, there was the month-long bout of diarrhea, some teeth, vaccines... The poor kid can't catch a break.

A glimpse into the future...can't you just picture her? "Mom! You're ruining my life!"

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  1. Too cute. The throwing thing makes me crazy~Izzie throws her cup, then Annie throws hers. When they're done with their Cheerios, they just sweep them all over the floor. What fun.


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