Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching Up

Wow, I really fell off the blogging wagon this past week. The weather has been incredible here, and the last place I wanted to be was holed up in the basement, at the computer, away from all the sunshine. So I barely even checked my email.

We were out for lots of walks this week. Not much of interest going on, except maybe:

1. Gavin is getting his eye teeth AND his molars at once. Yikes. He's been up often during the night.

2. Charlotte has a nasty rash. I thought it was diaper rash, but it seems to be more of the yeast-variety. In the same vein, we've put her back on soy formula and nixed the whole milk for now.

3. I joined my local library. I've dragged my feet about joining because it's kind of a joke of a library--they still have a CARD CATALOG, for crying out loud--but a new library is in the works and the plans look promising. Gavin checked out The Pigeon Has Feelings, Too! , Leo, The Late Bloomer, and War and Peace.

4. Charlotte is saying her first semi-recognizable word: key, which means kitty-cat. Gavin has been saying uh-oh for a while, but this week added Ma! to his repertoire. Finally!


  1. Oh the teeth! Isn't it crazy?
    Once the words come, they'll just keep on coming. Today Izzie walked around saying "happy babybabybaby". It's just fun to listen to.
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Oh gosh, we have a babysitter who watches all 4 kids. I don't get ANYTHING done when the twins are awake. :)

  3. Roo had a nasty diaper rash for THREE months before we figured out she has a milk allergy. It was eczema. Only cortisone cream would help it until we got rid of the dairy (and soy -which she reacts to worse!). So frustrating!

  4. The library isn't automated?!? Yikes. Fun nonetheless, I am glad that you joined. I love the Pigeon books, I met Mo Willems a few years ago at a conference.

    The weather has been great here, too. What a difference a little sunshine makes!

  5. How is Gavin coming along with War & Peace. That is a great choice for summer reading...


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