Friday, April 4, 2008


I braved my way through my first Mothers of Multiples Rummage Sale tonight. Holy Crap, I've never seen so much stuff in one place.

Rummage sales are kind of a nightmare for me, for two reasons: One, second-hand stuff freaks me out a little. I know, it sounds snobby. As long as the things are in good condition, I'm fine. But if there's, let's say, a stain on something, then I start imagining where the stain came from, and that's not a fun place for my mind to go. Or if there's a toy that's a little dirty, I start imagining a toddler with a runny nose playing with it. You get the picture. The other reason I dislike rummage sales is that I am not an impulse buyer. In fact, I'm exactly the opposite of an impulse buyer. (A calculated buyer?) I've been known to visit a certain pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans in the mall for several months before I could actually justify the purchase. ("Alright, Amy, you work hard, and you have like no designer clothes, and you've wanted these jeans for 6 months now, and they are never going on sale, so just buy them, and if you wear them every weekend for the next two years, they will totally be worth the money. Oh, and you DESERVE them!!")

But I digress.

I went to the Rummage Sale to look for a double jogging stroller in particular, and there was a nice one there for $75. I decided to take a lap around the perimeter to think about it, and when I came back it was gone. See? Rummage sales are for impulse buyers.

I did manage to score another 6-panel Superyard for $25. And I bought Charlotte and Gavin some really cute clothes totaling $30. All in all, not a bad first run.
Charlotte's "new" gear

Gavin's "new" gear



  1. Very cool! We don't have a Mothers of Multiples around here. Luckily I had saved all of the older kids' clothes, although the boy clothes are going to waste at this point. Want some?

  2. Looks like you got some deals. Work past the idea of used clothes...such a first child :)

  3. i had to psych myself up for used things too. and now i'm kind of hooked. it just makes sense. particularly if you can sanitize it! :)


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