Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creepy Decor?

I recently received a comment on my post about Gavin's room reveal regarding the Ouija board that is displayed on his shelf.

The commenter also sent me an email.  She was very kind, and truly had my best interest at heart.  Her belief is that having the Ouija board in the room is a terrible thing, and that it's inviting bad vibes into my home, and that I should get rid of it immediately.

I've never even thought about it before, mostly because I don't believe inanimate objects can hold any supernatural powers or meaning, but also because I don't believe that "Parker Brothers" has cornered the market on communicating with the afterlife.  I put this in the room because I think the look is iconic, and because it reminds me of summer nights with friends.  All happy memories.  This particular Ouija board is mine from all those years ago.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree with the commenter?  Is this decor in poor taste?


  1. I think the board is very neat looking in there. I agree that I don't think Parker Brothers has an 'in' to the supernatural. :) I'd sure keep it in there.


  2. I think it's fine. I have the same one in my room and I love how it looks. Occasionally my friends and I will take it down and play with it in my 100+ year old house. It scares them to death every time.


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