Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cute as a Button Baby Shower

My sister, Laura, is expecting her third baby (the EIGHTH grandchild for my parents, and counting!).  My mom, my sisters, and I hosted a small baby "sprinkle" in her honor today at an adorable local tea shop.  We don't yet know the gender of the baby, but the nursery is decorated in yellows and grays, so we stuck with that color scheme today.

I had such fun creating and styling her "Cute As a Button" baby shower.  Enjoy the photos!

My sister didn't know any details about the shower.  The color of polish she chose for today?  Essie's Cute As A Button!  Funny how things like that happen, right?

The little girl or guy is due in a few short weeks.  We can't wait!

Invitations:  Simplicity Papers
Fondant Buttons on Cake:  So Sweet Favors
Soap Button Favors:  Soaps and Favors
Photography:  Katie Przasnyski (my sister)
Flowers:  my mom's garden
Button Nursery Art and Cake Bunting:  handmade by me!


  1. Wow! Too cute and great idea. I am loving the button theme and I must say, your mom's flowers are TDF!!

  2. Beautful, Amy! An early congrats to your whole family!

  3. What a great shower theme! Everything came out lovely. Congrats to your family!

  4. Everything was perfect, Amy! You guys did an amazing job! I am so blessed to have a sister like you!


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