Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Every so often, I find myself getting all wrapped up in life's daily trials.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  When you step outside of yourself, and squint, and hold those worries at arms-length, you know they won't matter in the long run.  How Nathan is giving us terrible bedtime trouble.  How Gavin is currently obsessed with all manner of potty words.  How Charlotte is asserting her independence.  Fiercely.  When you're in the throes of all of these things, when Nathan is still screaming for you at 10 pm, and Gavin has said "butt" for the zillionth time, and Charlotte tells you she "wants another Mommy,"  all of these things feel SO important and SO meaningful and SO terrible.  And you find yourself getting cranky and upset, and if you're anything like me you throw some self-pity in too, just for good measure.

And then something happens, and just like that, none of it seems all that terrible anymore.

Recently, a number of my family and friends have experienced tragedies.  The kind that make you hug your own families a little closer.  And after my initial feelings of grief, and sadness, and shaking-my-head-with-the-unfairness-of-it-all, a new feeling sets in.  One that makes me feel so guilty for taking my good fortune for granted.

The good news is, I really am one of those people who tends to see the beauty in the details and in the story.  Even more so lately.  I am getting pretty good at recognizing a moment, and thinking to myself:  This is one I want to remember.  Like today, when the kids were singing along to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi, except that they think the title lyric is "Bubble Paci."  How hilarious to hear all three of them singing at the top of their lungs, "Bubble, Bubble Paci!"  And Gavin, that kid just slays me with how perceptive he is in determining other people's emotions.  He always seems to know how everyone else is feeling.  Charlotte's got incredible wit for a 4-year old, and great comedic timing...I think I may have a future Tina Fey on my hands.  And Nathan is all-out charisma.  I just can't wait for him to open his mouth so I can hear what he says next.

The lesson here is this, and it's not a new concept:  Decide to be happy.  Find the beauty in the details. Love this life you're living.  Hold me to it, will you?

hgfgffnc gv kxxz cccg  (That was from Nathan, who is still refusing to go to bed.  I'm finding the beauty in it.)


  1. Wonderful post, Amy. Love the life you are living. It seems to simple, huh? I think we can all benefit from that advice. There is so much beauty in the details - we just need to stop and make sure we notice!

  2. Great post Amy! I especially think that what Nathan typed really rings true. He is so deep.


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