Friday, February 11, 2011

Nathan's Homemade Valentines

What does my wedding in 2002 have to do with a 2-year old's Valentines?  A lot!

When Michael and I exited the church right after our ceremony, rather than having people throw birdseed or rice or blow bubbles, we gave guests matchboxes and sparklers.  Everyone lit a sparkler when we walked out.  Fun, fun!  Except now, nine years later, I'm left with approximately 457 personalized matchboxes.  Approximately.  So I decided to put them to good use.

For this Valentine, I found a few pieces of cardstock I liked.  Since the matchboxes measure 2 inches wide, I cut the card stock into 2-inch strips.

Then I just wrapped the matchboxes like a present, leaving the ends open so the drawer could still slide out.  It helps to really crease the cardstock as you go.

Then I glued the paper down with craft glue, and filled the drawer with goodies.  Whatever you do, don't buy Valentine PEANUT M&Ms when your kids go to a peanut-free daycare.  And then when you REALIZE your mistake, there are no Valentine M&Ms left, so you have to get the regular-color ones.  Not that I did that, or anything.

I think it would be super-fun to watch 2-year olds figure out how to open the drawer, and then discover the candy inside!

Thanks to Brooke at Inchmark for the inspiration!


  1. Love that! If I can't have Gavin as my Valentine, Nathan will do!

  2. Sparklers?? See, now I'm already wondering what other awesome ideas you had for your wedding. :-) Love these matchbox valentines, especially the different little touches you put on each one. Thanks for linking up!

  3. these are so adorable! for valentines or anytime! You are really clever and I don't have any matchboxes, but am going to try to start looking out for some. Thanks for sharing :)


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