Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Early Intervention Update

The Early Intervention team came out to assess Charlotte and Gavin yesterday, at the suggestion of our pediatrician. They did a multidisciplinary evaluation for each baby that assessed areas of physical and verbal development. If either baby showed a 25% delay in any one area, they would qualify for services, and actually, I was kind of hoping they would qualify, just for the extra support.

Charlotte did not qualify. Since they based the assessment on their adjusted age (3 1/2 months) and not their chronological age (5 1/2 months), Charlotte behaved age appropriately. She coos, kicks, grabs with both hands, etc... just like a term 3-4 month old baby, which was good news!

Because he is hypertonic (has increased muscle tone), Gavin did qualify. A therapist will come out every other week to do some exercises and share some activities that I can do with him. I've blogged before about Gavin's rigidity, so I had a feeling this was coming. Everything else is right on target with Gavin, which is great news. Since he seems most tense after a feeding, the team suggested we take Gavin to a pediatric gastroenterologist to discuss his reflux. It seems the Zantac isn't helping as much as we had hoped, and he still appears uncomfortable. He rarely cries, however, because he is such a happy baby, so I think that can sometimes disguise how uncomfortable he really is.

Anyway, good news all around!

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