Monday, August 6, 2007

one for the record books

Apparently the universe doesn't like it when I brag about having good days. No, sir.

Today has been pure hell. The babies each received 5 vaccinations today; 4 in their thigh and 1 orally. They have been screaming bloody murder for the past several hours, and no amount of Tylenol has taken the edge off (for the babies or for me).

If one more child sucks on me, scratches at me, or spits-up on me, I think I'm going to jump the next bus out of town.

Oh yeah, and my pediatrician has decided that I need to stop giving Gavin the pacifier. Gavin, who screams if the pacifier leaves his mouth for more than 3 seconds. "He's smarter than you," she quipped. "He doesn't need it; he just knows if he cries you'll give it to him." Is she kidding?


  1. So I would have to say "one hand...sanity and the other pacifier" I would vote for sanity, especially since they are both ticked at getting poked

  2. Why on earth did she tell you not to give him the pacifier? Unless there's some compelling medical reason, i would just give it to him. I would say they are too young to worry about it, it's not like they are going to kindergarten with the things.

    Aww poor babies and poor mommy, for all the pokes. Hope they feel better soon.

  3. Yeah, I'd like to know the MEDICAL reasons for that advice. An MD does not make one the guru of all baby-rearing practices.

  4. you will have to check out my holiday coming up on my blog...your pics on there ha ha

  5. you may want to rethink giving your babies so many shots at once. check out "vaccines: are they really safe and effective?". you can set your own vaccine schedule to spread out the shots- it is too hard on their little immune systems to deal with so many in one day. yeah, i know the docs say it is fine but the docs also have efficiency in mind. it is a lot of extra work to have the babes keep coming by to get shots one by one.

  6. Did you laugh loudly to show her you knew she was just kidding? Or did you give her the finger? Or did you stare at her in uncomprehending astonishment?

    I go with the "survival mode" philosophy of rearing twins: anything that makes life easier and doesn't hurt anybody, we do it. Pacifiers are such a small thing, but provide such blessed, blessed silence.

  7. I pick pacifiers and peace over a doctors word any day.

    When they are 18 and trying to leave for college with a pacifier, then I worry.

    Vaccination days suck.


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