Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Hopeless Gourmet

So, I'm not much of a cook, but I'm trying. At the very least, I attempt to throw together something healthy (and somewhat edible). It's not easy, because I'm a vegetarian, and Michael is not. I'm quite sure he has had enough of my "chicken parm," "tacos" and "meatloaf" to last a lifetime.

It seems, however, that the babies enjoy screaming at the exact moment we try to sit down to eat, so we usually wind up trying to shovel the food in with one hand while holding a baby in the other. Indigestion, anyone?

As you can imagine, I have little time to cook gourmet meals. That's why I find these two microwaveable products well worth the money:

The Bird's Eye vegetables are great...they steam in the bag in 5-6 minutes, and they taste good. And the rice cooks in 90 seconds. I'm sure it's completely stripped of all its fiber and nutrients in order to cook so quickly, but hell, it's better than eating a sleeve of Oreos for dinner. (Yes, I've done it).


  1. Don't you know that children have an uncanny sense for whenever you sit down to eat, you have to use the bathroom, or when you and your husband try to have "private" time together =-(

  2. I LOVE Uncle Ben and his quick brown rice!

    It gets easier when they can sit up in high chairs and watch you eat.


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