Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And It's Only 7 am!

This morning, Gavin:

1. woke up at 5:00 am
2. woke up with a big bruise on his face from hitting it on the crib rails.
3. has had a bit of "intestinal distress", and managed to poop through his p.j.'s for the second morning in a row.
4. is suddenly VERY mobile, as if overnight, and is crawling all over my not-quite-babyproofed kitchen.
5. is cranky because of waking up so early, the big bruise on his face, having diaper rash from all the pooping, and being carried out of the kitchen.

Is there such a thing as a Coffee I.V.? Or at least a Coffee Patch?


  1. Let us create, market and get rich from the coffee iv. I know I could use it. The two older children are home sick today. And I haven't even gotten the coffee pot going yet!

  2. lol! ;)
    I don't drink coffee, but that is funny.


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