Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Dancing

Of course, I only want to represent myself and my family in the best possible light on this blog (smirk), so before you watch this video, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. That doesn't sound AT ALL like my real voice. (I know, people always think it doesn't sound like their own voice when they hear it played back on a recording).

2. Charlotte was having a bad hair day.

3. My husband DOES know how to speak using proper grammar. We were "baby speaking."

That being said, check out the moves on Baby Girl! Holla!


  1. I see the next generation of Dance Party USA!!!! She is so adorable!!

  2. Very cute! I love when they bust a move! Oooh and yes....you're just prepping her for the new Dance Party! :)

    ps-my friend is a patent attorney!

  3. this just makes me want to have another baby. she is beautiful amy!

  4. Please never take this video down! I want to be able to look at it whenever I need some cheering up!


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