Thursday, March 13, 2008

We're Here Again?

So how come nobody told me that I'd have to do cry-it-out more than once?

Charlotte and Gavin have been putting themselves to sleep for a long time now. We get a bath, we read a book, we sing a few songs, and then they go to sleep! Done! But for the past four nights the babies have been screaming at bedtime. They stand up in their cribs and howl until they can't catch their breath. Gavin has gone so far as to hurl his pacifier across the room in frustration. What gives?

The first night of this, I ignored them, mainly because I had to go grocery shopping. It took them about a half and hour to quiet down that night, according to Michael (so I'm automatically tacking on an additional 15 minutes to his estimate). The past few nights, I've been caving and going up to rock them. That's because (a) when I rock them, they literally fall asleep within five minutes, and (b) they've had some major intestinal distress* over the past 2 weeks, and I don't know if they're doing this because they don't feel well or what. They are literally pooping about 8 times a day, each. Is that TMI? To complicate matters, Charlotte just cut her third tooth.

I've read that sometimes babies go through these phases where their sleep is disrupted for a while. I'm just not sure if I'm setting a precedent by going in and rocking them. Perhaps I should let them cry it out again? I hate this part of parenting!

*That's a whole other topic. I've been giving them rice, bread, bananas, applesauce, white grape juice, and anti-diarrheal formula....anything to stop the constant flow of poop! Nothing is working!


  1. i feel like we are periodically going through this. with one in particular but they're in the same room so it becomes a team sport. did they hit major mobility lately? if they're thinking about walking or are walking, this could be the cause. when mine started moving they didn't want to "stay" anywhere...crib, stroller, changing table, carseat, exersaucer, etc. and my condolences on the 16 poop diapers per day. that is just plain unfair. for them and for you. ;)

  2. My girls go thru phases. Last night they stayed up for an hour past their bedtime, throwing their stuffed lambs and laughing. Sometimes they just scream, steal each other's blankets and throw their stuffed lambs. Oh, and they ALWAYS seem to fill their pants at bedtime/naptime. Some sort of weird cosmic thing~if we're in bed, we must poop. Odd.
    I'm sorry they're giving you a hard time. Time change may have something to do with it too (I'm blaming everything on DST right now)

  3. oh, and ps~they're are at the right age for a bit of separation anxiety, too. My girls have fits if I leave the room sometimes!

    ask your doctor if it's ok to give them some Children's Kaopectate for the poop. Sometimes the whole BRAT diet just doesn't work. What a pain.

  4. Honestly? I think that kids like to keep you on your toes. Once you feel you have an issue conquered and you are starting to pat yourself on the back for your superior parenting skills...they sense it. Like a tiger sensing prey. And they go can I throw a wrench into Mommy's world? ;) And they either un-do what you have spent months perfecting, OR they move on to some new form of making sure we know who's REALLY in charge. :)Jackson does this to me CONSTANTLY. And, although unsettling and mind-boggling for me, none of his "phases" last for long.

  5. The same has happened with Owen. Every time he 1) gets sick, 2)has major teeth problems, 3) we travel and stay with relatives...we go through sleep training all over again.
    He DEFINITELY "forgets" his routine...and I have to "reteach it" with the crying-it-out again. It goes back to normal after about a week. I now understand why parents of toddlers and babies prefer NOT to mess with sleep schedules and sometimes don't travel because of it!
    (P.S. Crying-it-out was the only thing that worked for Owen..we did try other methods consistently..and none of them worked. It works like a charm except when he's off becaus e of the aforementioned "sleep-destroyers." He's been putting himself to sleep for so long now..I feel like I'm due for meltdown week again sometime in our future. Have faith...this too shall pass. (But careful what behavior you are "reinforcing!" I always have to remind myself of that!) ~Amy T.

  6. I have 18 month g/g and have the same thing when the are sick or teething. It usually is just that, so I go in - the first time at least- and medicate or sooth as needed. It hasn't "ruined" the routine. Once they feel better, they stop the night wakings. You know them and can probably tell if its attention-seeking vs. a real need.


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