Thursday, March 6, 2008

Books and Sports...Really, What Else is There?

Ever since the twins were born, Michael and I have been daydreaming about hypothetical moments we will one day share with them. Since I am an elementary school teacher and *almost* a Reading Specialist (blame it on the preemies...they came when I was two classes short of my degree), I have had visions of cuddling under the covers with Charlotte and Gavin, reading The Tale of Despereaux or The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles and stopping for the night just before we get to the good part, despite their protests. I've always felt that Charlotte will be a Book Worm like her mother, especially since I chose her name from the first book I ever loved, Charlotte's Web.

Michael has different dreams for Gavin. Since Michael was a running back in high school and still plays on a flag football team today, he can hardly wait to toss a ball around with Gavin. Even when the babies were in utero, Michael was trying to talk to Gavin about his first love (no, not me...sports).

Here's what I love about raising kids: every preconceived notion you have about what parenting is going to be like is shattered the moment that little person(s) is born. Every plan you have for raising your child is modified in a way that you probably would never have imagined. And today I had to smile when the twins reminded me of that!

Here's Charlotte, crushing all gender stereotypes by playing with her beloved ball. I'm almost certain her first word will either be "ball" or "Gavin," since those seem to be the two things she's most interested in. And she already plays a mean game of catch!
And here's Gavin, melting his mother's heart by closely studying nearly every board book we own. To hell with your preconceived notions, Momma!

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  1. I love it! Right now the twins are carrying around Drew's Bruins hockey sticks and Annie always says "ball". But, they both love to read and eat books (I was a college English major) and my husband is a hockey player. Our daughter plays hockey now too.


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