Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trouble Squared

Oh, Charlotte. Now that she is crawling, she is in to everything. Here are some of her more memorable moments over the past week:

She ripped the glass doors off of the front of our TV cabinet.

She opened the tub of Vaseline and managed to smear it all over herself.

She ate a business card. (Or part of it, until I caught her).

She pulled all of the wipes out of the container.

She got her head stuck in the leg of Gavin's pajamas. (I had just taken them off of him...)

As I was pushing the double stroller through our local crafts store, she managed to grab the top of a small silk flower. I didn't notice until I was putting her in her car seat and saw something in her mouth. I'm lucky she didn't swallow it!

Life with her is never dull!


  1. Ha. I'm sorry, but I just had to laugh. Having multiples, or even just more than one child, makes you wish that you a)are an octopus (have you seen the Kleenix commercial?) or b)had a nanny (and no, I never thought you and 'Enry 'Iggins were friends). :)

  2. You didn't mention her throwing her shoe against Mom-Mom's raspberry punch, spilling the entire cup onto an unexpecting family friend!

  3. OMG... What are we in for when they start walking!!!! My twins turn 1 on Thursday. This year has FLOWN by!

  4. You're right, Sess. The shoe incident was a big deal!

  5. It must be a girl thing... Didn't she start this inside the womb? I know that is where Brenna started with me. ;)

  6. R stole a lego from babystyle today. i mean if she's going to shoplift, she might as well have gone for the pedipeds! (i brought the lego back btw).


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