Monday, March 24, 2008

Bath Time

Well, I was going to upload a really cute video of Charlotte dancing for you to see, but I'm just too exhausted right now. You see, I was giving her a bath earlier, and she decided to poop all over her baby tub. And then when I took her out of the baby tub and plunked her down into the real tub (sans water) just to get a handle on things, she pooped in that tub too. So I just spent my evening blogging/quiet time bleaching the tub and all of the tub toys instead of uploading the aforementioned video.

There's always tomorrow.


  1. Yuck! lol I only laugh because now I know I am not the only one that has happened to. I finally learned to wait at least 30 minutes after dinner before bath time. This is after about 1/2 a dozen or more times scrubbing the tub/toys in one month. Ugh!

    Hope this is the only time this happens. Sorry you had to be initiated.

  2. of all the places for her to poop, she picked two good ones. not that it is still a joy to clean, however.

  3. It's awful isn't it. And worse when they're bigger and they do it. No fun for anyone!


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